Mr & Miss Juneteenth Oregon Ambassador Program Details

This Educational Program is Open to Young Men & Women Aged 6-19 Years Old

Everyone is split up into four age categories. 

Mini Mr & Miss Juneteenth Oregon – Ages 6 to 8

The “mini” ambassadors program provides an opportunity for girls to develop knowledge and skills in a fun and memorable manner that helps to build character and develop leadership abilities.

Little Mr & Miss Juneteenth Oregon – Ages 9 to 12

Teen Mr & Miss Juneteenth Oregon – Ages 13-15

Mr & Miss Juneteenth Oregon – Ages 16-19

Program Competencies

Upon completion of the Miss Juneteenth Oregon Program, youth should possess the following competencies:

Intentional Leadership

We provide education, tools, and resources to help youth improve leadership skills, build resilience, gain confidence and make positive life choices.


We focus on cultivating sisterhood, and instilling the importance of, and power in, supporting and empowering the sistas around you.

Self Empowerment

We aim to empower African American youth in Oregon and SW Washington and foster a sense of self through mentorship, workshops, social and emotional learning programs, volunteering and field-trips.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


  • Interested individuals can participate in the education program without having to compete in the pageant.
  • There is an entry fee of $25 and we will also do several fundraisers throughout the year.
  • All education program participants are required to participate in the bi-monthly workshop series. Sessions are facilitated by pageant leadership and outside speakers. Sessions are focused on building resilience, boosting self-confidence, community building and service, and financial literacy. S

Registrations for the educational program will resume in Spring 2022.